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Technical nonsense

And technically nonsense, too. While watching the bowl games, I’ve been subject to those idiotic “finally fast” commercials, where they’re just certain everyone’s machine is infested with all sorts of trojans, spyware, and viruses, and that’s why their systems run slowly or crash – not because people are loading everything under the sun at boot time, or because Windows crashes as a matter of course over the lifetime of a machine. The dumbest one yet has some woman claiming that a virus “destroyed [my] computer” and she had to “throw it away”.

This is stupidity and fearmongering on an epic basis, like the crap that Ron Paul (excuse me, RON PAUL) likes to spew. You don’t throw away a “perfectly good computer” because of a virus, unless there’s suddenly a virus out there that melts the hardware into slag. Clean and disinfect it, or just put a new drive in and reinstall things. Done.

Unfortunately, there are people who will buy into this and buy into the “my computer runs 150% faster now” as if the average non-technical person can sense the difference between 10ms and 50ms. It’s things like this that drive us geeks insane.

Because some people have nothing better to do

There are apparently so few really important issues that exist in Iowa that they need to create one. Who knew that Minnesota, who did the very same thing last year, was in a similar predicament? Clearly, there are no economic or social issues that require the attention of the critters in the legislatures there. They’re busy dithering over flags when they could be doing something even more spectacularly stupid, like various school districts are doing in Florida, and debating whether to “offend” the uber-religious nutters by suggesting that science and biology classes actually teach something scientific, like evolution. I must say, though, that the arguments from those nutbags is probably a lot more amusing – and much more terribly disappointing – than the debate that no doubt is going on about that foreign-made flag business .