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The world is ending!

Well, according to some people, anyway. Not me. I’m not into that end of the world nonsense, Mayan or otherwise. It’s interesting to me to see what people think is going to bring about the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI): earthquakes, solar flares that result in EMPs, the end of oil, global financial collapse, etc. You know it, someone probably believes it ill result in the end of the worl.

Tonight was the beginning of a series fro National Geographic called Doomsday Preppers. They had a one shot special a few months ago, and I figured it wouldn’t take long for them (or someone else) to come up a series about these kinds of people. It didn’t.

This evening they ran the first two episodes, four people/families each. For the most part, the people seem exactly as I expected: plunging right over the fine line that separates being prepared for a disaster from being completely paranoid and obsessed about it.

“Bullets. Lots and lots of bullets.” That about sums it up for most of them: lots of weapons to keep the marauding hordes at bay when the shit hits the fan. Which strikes me as rather odd that anyone would appear on this show and tell the world where they are located, so those marauding hordes will know where they are.

Some have bugout plans, but my question for those already in rural areas is what exactly makes one rural area that you’ve already set up as your home base, defensible and stocked, less safe than some other rural area you’ve set up the same way?

More to come…