Sliced and diced

Surgery was a success, although I wound up staying overnight in order to get my uncontrolled puking (from the blood swallowed during surgery, primarily, along with general pain) under control. They also wanted to make sure I was taking liquids orally. I finally got to see my face today. Wow. One of the doctors said it would probably get worse than this before it starts getting better. That should be something to see.
pumpkin face!

I also have a humdinger of a bruise on my arm, courtesy of the night nurse trying to get an IV in for the med pump. She finally gave up when it became clear that location was not working, and put it in my elbow. I wound up with matching IVs in the crook of each arm, which made moving around and doing things like trying to drink from a cup rather interesting.

Ow, bruised!