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Working it out, Dec 10, 2015

Today’s sessions went as planned. According to my reader, there are 23 minutes left in the book I’m currently reading while doing my walking. Based on my times today – one at 11 minutes, and one at 15.25 – I should finish it tomorrow, and be ready to find something else to load on to it to read while putting one foot in front of another and walking it all out. Also fortunately, I got my second session in before I had to go to the NOC to clean up something one of server clients had done (and that continues now that I’m back at the ranch, because InnoDB is a massive pain in the ass).

Ah well. Sleep is overrated. At least for me.

Working it out, Dec 9, 2015

Both treadmill sessions completed successfully today. Somewhat surprisingly, the afternoon session went just over 15 minutes, even though I was fairly tired by that time – around 6 PM – and I am counting that as a victory. I also spent some time weeding the herb garden. Another victory.

The liquid iron supplements smell vaguely like cinnamon. I have to say that initially that they don’t taste like anything . Once down the hatch, however, my taste buds catch up and there’s a filmy, iron-y, minerally thing going on that’s fairly unpleasant. Since just about everything I have to take tastes horrible, the order of the non-meal meds matters. Therefore, the liquid iron stuff goes first, followed by everything else, in reverse order of how awful they taste. It doesn’t entirely take away the nasty taste of the iron, but it does dull it and help get rid of it more quickly than would be possible if I took it last, like the first time I took it. Blergh. I hope none of you ever have to know the joy of dealing with these things.

Working it out, Dec 8, 2015

Even though my guts are screaming at me not to do it, it’s time to hit the treadmill for the second session of the day. I’ve been hanging in on average at about 12.5 minutes each, which is not so bad considering, and think this will improve. Today I also picked up these beauties, which I’m sure taste delicious and not like reboiled ass.Liquid iron supplements

We shall see. These, like some of the other meds, have to be taken without food, well before or after eating. It seems like a good portionĀ of my day is spent eating (such as it is) or pouring meds down my piehole.



Working it out, Dec 7, 2015

Two treadmill sessions, 12.5 minutes each, and a bit over half a mile each. At that pace, I could walk a marathon in just under nine hours. Not that I would want to do that.

Quick check on the hives, and amazingly enough, hive #11, which has a super on it, has seven frames of almost fully capped honey. The benefit of a lengthy season and unseasonably warm weather. Hive #5, which contains the swarm I caught late in the season, does not have a lot of laying by the queen, and not a ton of bees in it. The plan is to move some capped brood over to it while the weather is still moderate – perhaps even wrap the hive to keep it warmer than the girls can do on their own – so they will have more bees to work with as we inch toward winter.