Reliving the past

These images (and others) have been sitting on my camera for quite some time. I don’t know why I haven’t pulled them off before – I suppose it’s simply because I really didn’t want to look at them. You may not want to look at them, either. If you’re easily disturbed by medical photos, do not look at the extended entry. Really. You’ve been warned.

So you decided to look anyway, eh?

Well, here we go. Keep in mind that these are end of treatment photos. They are not now photos. These things do heal, you know.

The first image is a shot we took on 7/19/2005, before heading off to the hospital. This is the tumor side of the tongue. Sort of like the dark side of the moon, but no doubt less mysterious and probably not as lovely.

Of course, my dear readers know that this area plus quite a bit of other material was excavated from my body. I’ve also related how I had a problem with the horizontal incision the week after leaving the hospital and how the surgeon simply opened it with his finger. My sister repacked it for me each day, and we took a picture one day just so I could see for myself how deep it was (that is, whenever I decided to look at the pictures):

And then, there was radiation and chemo throughout September and October 2005. If you want to know what radiation burns look like and how undergoing radiation affects healing of other wounds. There’s a reason the radiologists want their incoming patients to have healed as much as possible before beginning. This would be why. Both of these shots were taken at the end of treatment.

So there you have it. Adventures in medicine and photography, together. Who could ask for more?

6 thoughts on “Reliving the past”

  1. Hi
    I am Dee’s mom, and she
    told me to visit your site.
    I was also a person with
    cancer. It is an experience I would not wish on my worse enemy, but it sure does make a person find out what is truly important in life.
    My prayers are with you and wish you all the best.

  2. First, wow on the food, second, wow on the pics! I have had a few friends who have had cancer. One of them with a mass removed not to much unlike yours, only in the chest! Good thing I am not the squemish type! Keep up the writing, it is good for the soul!

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