Work in progress

Last night, while enjoying a meal of braised short ribs with a pinot noir reduction and carmelized onions, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and thyme-steamed zucchini (and after fooling around with plating, just for the hell of it)…

…I unloaded the pictures I’d taken last Wednesday of the house and property. The front of the house, not too far out. There’s a lot more room toward the road. Imagine this with grass – or, imagine it with something else, like grass and various paths throughout, with random oases where one could sit down with a book and a cold drink, pretending to read while enjoying being outside surrounded by the scent of flowers and listening to birds call to one another in their own language. That’s what I do.

The rear faces west.

Stepping inside, we have what, at the time, was an unfinished floor. We’re hoping the power was turned on at the end of last week, or will be soon, so the air conditioning can be turned up. That will allow the installers to get the wood for the floors acclimated and installed without worrying about separation or buckling. The fireplace is gas rather than wood-burning.

The dining area. The door on the right leads out to the back porch and to the pool area. The light fixture is absolutely lovely, but this photo doesn’t do it justice.

They were hard at work on the pool that day.

The view beyond the pool.

Looking toward the back of the property.

It’s beautiful, in a Florida kind of way.

For some reason, there were a bunch of oyster shells in the middle of one of the brush areas.

The neighbors on the property immediately behind this one apparently used the vacant land as a dumping ground. Not terribly uncommon in rural areas, but I’ve never really appreciated people doing things like that. There is a pile of broken bike and go kart parts, boots, and assorted other junk in a pile about halfway into the property. Fortunately, there is a dumpster on site and that junk will be cleared.

What did we forget here? Oh yes. The kitchen.

It’s big and pretty and well suited to someone who likes to cook.

It’s also fully open to the living areas, which means those little chirping birds who like to eat tempura as soon as it comes out of the pan can belly up to the bar, eat, and talk to me without getting in my way. A winning situation for everyone.

Today we’ll be heading over to see what progress has been made. They shot the pool on Friday, and it looks like everything is coming together very nicely for our target closing date.

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