Blast from the past

Since my life is so utterly interesting between work and….work, I figured a bit of catching up is in order.

The summer brought us harvests of all sorts of things.


The weather played havoc with everything, as it was an incredibly strange season. No corn, some tomatoes, lots of cucumbers, beans, peas, and so forth. The most stunning success?

Garlic. Lots of it.

I harvested 40 pounds of garlic from a relatively small planting the previous fall. I figured this would last us for quite some time, so I didn’t plant any this past fall.


Big mistake. Homegrown garlic is, to us, so much tastier than the common storebought variety. We had put in four different varieties, each with their own unique taste, and at this point, we’re now facing a garlic shortage at the ranch here. So, this year, for spring planting, I’ve put in three different varieties so far (Sonoran, Silver Rose, and Inchelium), covering four 4×4 framesets.

Yaar, there be treasures there!

I’ve also placed an order for garlic that will ship in the fall, so by the time I’m pulling what I’ve just planted, another round will be ready to go. In theory, I should be saving the biggest and best bulbs for replanting. To do that, I would need to plant even more garlic. Unless I devoted an entire acre to nothing but garlic, I’m not sure it would be possible for us to set any aside, considering how much we use.

Yes, we used all of that in the same cooking session.

And yes, it was delicious.