Something’s fishy

But not in a bad way. Allow me to explain.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we held a bash that (quite naturally) included a great deal of food. More on that later. A portion of that was some fish we had been keeping aside for some pescatarian friends of the family, ready to stuff with herbs and toss on the grill. They didn’t make it, so we had some nice, fresh trout awaiting something to do with themselves. Or to have something done to them before they went over the edge.

After removing the heads and cutting the filets, then searing them very quickly, we had this.

Seared trout with buerre blanc and sauteed vegetables
Seared trout with buerre blanc and sauteed vegetables

It was fantastic: the fish was flaky, lightly seasoned, and the buerre blanc was smooth and silky, with the tang of the lemon juice feeding through enough to give the flavor, but not so much as to overwhelm everything else. What more could you ask than to have empty plates at the end of the meal?

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