How the season flies

Spring was fleeting. Summer was long, and hot, and humid, and sweaty, and buggy. And vulture-y.

This guy was sitting quite calmly on top of one of the compost piles during one of the hottest days in the season. I suspect he was waiting for me to keel over from heat exhaustion, but I outlasted him.

More stuff to come about the summer season. There was a lot of weeding, lots of pickling, and the tragedy of tomatoes.

Banner day around here today in “real” work, as well: this morning, someone telling us to fix a problem at their ISP. This evening, someone calling us incompetent  – on facebook, no less, where naturally we can’t respond – and accusing us in a ticket of “deceiving” him because we didn’t read his mind about using a nonstandard mail format. Nice bookends to the day. Fortunately, not all of our clients are like that.