I just saw an ad for the Winter Olympics.  I suppose that makes sense since the opening is exactly three months from now.

There are few things that bother me more than ungrateful people, and that means to anyone. If someone helps you with something, a simple “thanks” will do loads to improve their day. If everyone was a tad more free with expressing their gratitude for something – anything – the world would be a better place. Even if it starts with just a small corner of it. It’s why I always thank the people at Publix for whatever they’ve done, and mean it. Mindlessly blurting out anything from “thanks” to “have a nice day” to “thank you for your service”  doesn’t mean anything. It may just be because I’m a writer that I think these words and the way they are given to others should matter just as much as anything else people think are important. Or I may just be cranky. Who knows?

I’m not feeling particularly insightful or profound right now, thanks to the latest bout of pneumonia I’ve managed to get, and I did think this was going to be very random (like the fact that the Seahawks are wearing neon green uniforms that make them look a lot like the Oregon college team and their ever-changing, eye-popping unis).


Walmart will never convince me that they have some cheerful, personal shopper for you who will go gather All The Things, bag them up, and take them to your car. Or that they’ll have a bunch of xmas-festooned clerks keeping an eye on the lines and opening a new checkout when the lines are starting to snake back into the store. And I wish they would stop using music I like in their ads.

A cool front is making its way to us. The winds are swirling around on the front and back porches, giving a deep voice to the wind chimes as they move with the wind, bumping into one another.  Even when the wind has let up, their tones continue until the last vibrations of the chimes have run their course.

I’m always casting about to find new things to read, especially mysteries and more especially mysteries with series characters. This means that I read a lot of blurbs and reviews on Amazon during my hunt, and sometimes the things they suggest are not strictly mysteries, but more like thrillers. I’m not averse to reading those, and today while searching I found an author with more than a dozen books in three series, featuring the usual thriller-type main character: ex special forces or spy, very nearly indestructible, who prefers to work alone, usually pissed off at their previous employer and betrayed by their fellow agents or their employer, or both. Reading through the material on them, I found three that were pretty much the plots of movies – ex spy gets insulted or otherwise chewed out by a dumbass sheriff in a small town, takes to the mountains and has to be hunted down (Rambo). Or, ex spy finds a young boy who has witnessed a murder, sees the crooked cop in a picture as the ex spy is about to go to the police, and the ex spy takes the kid and hides out in a nearby community that prefers their own company to the world at large (Witness). Or, ex spy is pregnant, betrayed by her team and her handler, gets left for dead, recovers, vows revenge, heads off to Hong Kong, and starts taking out the other members of the team, and even uses a samurai sword at one point. Did I mention she has lung cancer, a year to live, does all the murderous rampage, is actually named Beatrix, and finds her kid? (Kill Bill). I know that there is nothing terribly new or original under the sun and writers are basically rewriting all the stories all the time, but when a lot of the scenes in the books are exact replicas of scenes in the movies, that’s a bit too close.

And I guess I’ll wrap up with this. I hear some nyquil calling my name. Until next time, peeps: be well.


2 thoughts on “Random”

  1. “latest bout of pneumonia” —
    damn woman quit doing that!!

    Although the ‘stories’ may be the same, it’s the characters themselves who always kept me coming back for more. Develop deep complex interesting characters.

  2. Believe me, I would like nothing more to tell pneumonia to fuck off in the same way I did cancer, but this is the 6th time I’ve had it this year. It is supremely annoying. I have four more days of antibiotics to go, ad right now I’m sitting here with a sharp, stabby pain in my upper left chest – no, not a heart attack. It’s more likely either the pneumo in that location finally speaking up – why yes, I am familiar with the term “multiple lobe pneumonia, doctor! – or a touch of pleurisy to go with the pneumo that I am hoping is being beaten to death by my armies and their reinforcements. True story: some years ago, after the lung cancer deal I had to have a thoracentesis done to draw out a massive amount of fluid from the left side. It is a very unique feeling to have a gigantic needle pushed into your back, between your ribs, and into the space between the lungs and the chest wall. It’s numbed, of course, but the pressure is still there. As the fluid was withdrawn I could feel my left lung fully re-expanding into the space the fluid had been taking up and oh my god it was painful – more painful than the actual intervention method itself. At some point when they were about through, I was mumbling to them that I was about to pass out. They finished me up, slapped a bandage on the hole, and laid me back on the table to get things together again. I took a look at the bottles of crap they had drawn out – almost 2L of it – and thought, damn, no wonder I was having trouble breathing.

    And that’s my thoracentesis story.

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