Review: Cancer Redux, authored by my body

In our last episode, I said I was scheduled for surgery “soon”. That was supposed to happen last week, on the 16th. That day came and went, and….no surgery. Why, you may ask?

Glad you asked!

Earlier this month, I had an appointment with an ENT.  I have been working with my torture device (as I fondly describe my Therabite) to work on my trismus. If you’re unfamiliar with that word, think of  it as a particularly wicked and ongoing case of lockjaw. I’ve said before that one of the things I wish someone had stressed before I began taking blasts to the head and neck was the importance of maintaining the oral opening. It would make many things much easier, including going to the ENT and allowing them to examine my mouth and neck.

Within my mouth is a mass, on the lower right side. This effectively torpedoed my date in the OR on the 16th. Back to the CT, back for a biopsy, back to the wait on the pathology report.  That finally came back, and it was negative. Hooray! I think I’ll have to slate a removal for that mass at some point, as it’s annoying.

I am back  to having a date in the OR, now scheduled for the 31st. I’m really hoping to be booted out of the place early (Saturday? The Captain can dream!) as I’d rather not still be there when the “Hold my beer!” crowd starts turning up to the ER and being admitted as the Labor Day weekend kicks into gear.

Follow along as more pieces of my body attempt to escape!

One thought on “Review: Cancer Redux, authored by my body”

  1. Hi Annette, I had been wondering if the surgery happened, thanks for clarifying. I am so bummed you are going through this again! But yay on negative!
    Sending light love and healing all coming at you.

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