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Best. Response. yet.

A bit of a kerfuffle up in Michigan, as a female representative in the state legislature deigned to use the word “vagina” during debate about a bill under consideration. Of course, the male Speaker of their House up there denied that refusing her permission to speak after that was because of….that word…but because of the “temper tantrum” she and another rep threw and the way she used…that word. What to do? Why, stage a reading of The Vagina Monologues on the steps of the statehouse, of course! Or, how about a little song. It goes something like this:

Hands off my clam

Yes indeed.

Get. Bent.

It’s nice that you’re now coming out and flat out admitting that this, like abortion, is simply another means of trying to to preempt womens’ control over their own bodies. A bunch of old white guys get to decide not just access to birth control for women in Catholic/religious organizations – something a vast majority of people, including Catholics, agree should not be restricted – but all women, period, regardless of where they work. And our dumbass senator, Marco Rubio, is trying to join in on the fun. At this rate, in a week you’ll be debating whether women should be allowed to drive or work outside the house.

Let me tell you something: once you people begin to care just as much as life once it leaves the womb as you pretend to care when it hasn’t, then you can posture all you want. Until then – and I’m talking to you, members of the Catholic Church, who ignored kiddie-diddlers for (literally) decades, and to you, other right wing nutters who think all social assistance programs should be shut down – get bent.

CNN, you tease, you

I saw this headline on my ticker: “I’m through,” Palin says.

If only. Someone at CNN has a sense of humor and a surefire way to guarantee a click on a Palin story that most of us would avoid like the plague.

Alas, Palin the quitter is not through with trying to suck every nanosecond out of her fifteen minutes, but (claiming to be) through with the media. She says she’s done with whining about the media as she whines about the media, doesn’t accept unexpected support from NOW about something Bill Maher said about her, even though as a woman she should be able to gracefully put aside the political differences she has with the organization and understand that in this instance, agreement is correct – then again, nobody ever accused Palin of having grace of any sort – and then ends the whole thing with a double negative that means exactly the opposite of what she was presumably trying to say:

“It’s not America’s role not to be out and about nation building and telling other countries how to live,” Palin added.

Of course, with Reload Palin, that could very well be exactly what she meant, since she doesn’t seem to have any issues with Bush & Co getting us into boondoggles in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, I’m certain that what she actually meant was that anything Obama does must be bad by definition, and our support of our allies in enforcing the UN resolution – and not invading the entire country – is likewise bad.

But the very best part of the article is where she’s talking about how she’s looking at the field of GOP possible contenders for 2012 when deciding whether to get into the race.

“I am tempted to because I am still wondering who is going to be out there with a servant’s heart, willing to serve the American people for the right reason. Not for ego, not for special interests…I am waiting to see, who else is out there willing to do this.”

Well, it sure as hell is not you, Sarah Palin. You have no servant’s heart, unless you keep it in a jar next to your bed. You quit the Governorship of Alaska halfway through, and last time I checked, Alaskans were Americans. You have no desire to serve anyone except yourself, and the only right reason apparent in your activities comes in the form of a signed check.

Go away. Your “you betcha, aw shucks” routine may have worked at first on some people, but all that’s left are the most diehard fans who think anything out of your vapid head is sheer genius while the rest of us look on in horror, knowing these people cannot be reasoned with in this or other instances.