Football Sunday

Hey, did you hear that?

Sunday. Two weeks before the Superbowl. The NFC and AFC Championship games. A good day for some food, family, and friends, alliteratively speaking.

In the wee hours, as I was doing some work, I got a head start on a batch of roasted red pepper soup. By roasting some peppers, of course.

Those got to hang out while I got some sleep, but when I got up, the cooking began in earnest. Finished up the soup…

…made the guacamole so we’d have it by the time the first game started…

…and then started chopping up various vegetables (leeks, red and yellow onions, carrots, celery, garlic)…

…and even more vegetables (cabbage and bok choy)…

…for the spring rolls, some of which would also have shrimp.

I also started some vegetable stock, for my sister the converted vegetarian.

All the spring roll vegetables got a quick saute.

And then a wrap in rice paper.

Shrimp spring roll.

Waiting patiently for dinner.

We also had steamed cauliflower and broccoli.

And mango-mustard glazed chicken.

With the extra sauce from the chicken on the side, cheese sauce made by my sister, and a dipping sauce for the spring rolls (made by yours truly), it was time to eat.

It was also time to watch the very exciting late game, with the Colts and Patriots duking it out. For awhile, it looked like the Pats were headed to another big game, but the Colts pulled it out. We’ll see how they do in two weeks, and if the Bears can make a game of it.