Client logic

Him: “I didn’t get the invoice for this. Look into it.”

Us, after seeing it was sent a month and a half ago: ” The mail logs have already rotated past that point, but the client system has the entries for the generation of the invoice and it being sent via email, to the same address everything else is sent to for this account.” We insert the clips from the system log.

Him: “So you say it was sent? If you have not logs to say it was sent and I don’t ┬áhave an email in my box then maybe it wasn’t sent? ”

First, no, we don’t “say” it was sent. It was sent. Second, we just provided you the logs from the client app that logged it.

Him, after we replied again, pointing out that the system logged it: “You need to look into this, or I’m moving elsewhere.”

So, we’re supposed to look into an email the system indicates was generated and that was emailed to you, after just providing you with the snips from the logs that say this? I suppose if we squint juuuussst right, we could probably look right into the abyss of your logic, sure.