Keeping time

Sometimes, you just have to sit back for a bit.

And to answer your questions: that’s just what I did. I spent a couple of months away from blogging, away from the gardening blogs, fighting the good fight against bugs, trying to figure out what was best to grow here and how to grow it, making plans for the winter garden. Oh, and also having Mom’s 60th birthday party – a smashing success. Starting synthroid to take up processing what my own thyroid cannot, thanks to treatment. And dealing with what seem to be neverending medical crap from that whole cancer thing, which lately means trip after trip after trip to the dentist to try to save my teeth as they continue to crack off pieces like glaciers calving, the result of those daily doses of radiation that should have made my jaws glow in the dark but which I still to this day cannot use to read while lying in bed at night. Bummer.

There you have it.

My garlic came yesterday: four varieties that I hope I can coax to survive to the point where they can be harvested. Yesterday afternoon, the first sprout from the seed sown on Sep 27th.

Unfortunately, that is a lima bean sprout. I can’t stand limas…

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