Get. Bent.

It’s nice that you’re now coming out and flat out admitting that this, like abortion, is simply another means of trying to to preempt womens’ control over their own bodies. A bunch of old white guys get to decide not just access to birth control for women in Catholic/religious organizations – something a vast majority of people, including Catholics, agree should not be restricted – but all women, period, regardless of where they work. And our dumbass senator, Marco Rubio, is trying to join in on the fun. At this rate, in a week you’ll be debating whether women should be allowed to drive or work outside the house.

Let me tell you something: once you people begin to care just as much as life once it leaves the womb as you pretend to care when it hasn’t, then you can posture all you want. Until then – and I’m talking to you, members of the Catholic Church, who ignored kiddie-diddlers for (literally) decades, and to you, other right wing nutters who think all social assistance programs should be shut down – get bent.