Food porn

What are you eating right now?

This is mine.

Gratuitous closeup.

It’s a riff on a cuban sandwich – ham, tomatoes, dill pickle slices, cheese, and deli-style mustard, but naked (no bread, as bread is a little too much for me right now). I layered the ingredients, minus the mustard, then nuked it in the microwave for about 20 seconds. A line of mustard down it afterward, and we’re ready to go.

And yes, I did eat earlier. I made dinner for myself, my mom, and a dear friend: roasted boneless pork chops with my homemade bbq sauce on the side, corn on the cob – my mom always requests corn on the cob throughout the season, and it’s a bit of a staple – and oven roasted zucchini with olive oil, salt, peper, and shredded parm-reg. No pictures of any of that, unfortunately. I also ate part of the last slice of one of the chocolate cakes someone had brought, with a little milk. Surprisingly, I got hungry again, hence the naked cuban.

Someone did take my camera around on Sunday during the latter portion of the Bash and got some pics of the little bit of food that was left by that time, so I’ll upload those at some point.