At the homestead

After much discussion, calculation, and other assorted dithering around, it is finally completed.

Of course, I’m referring to a driveway. It looked like this before, and was akin to living in a perpetual construction zone.

With some grading and some dirt, it was made nice and smooth.

After looking at pavers for the drive – and the 100+ feet from the road to the drive, by about 10′ wide, plus the labor and the time that would take – we decided to go with slag: less than half the cost, can be done by one guy with a tractor and one guy with a few truckfuls of slag, and finished in one day.

Why, yes, that is our most beautiful barn in the background. I have pictures of that before and after and no no doubt will get those up at some point.

This is Wade, the quite pleasant, very nice guy with the lovely tractor.

Seriously: this is lovely.

OK, ok: the requisite other lovely shot for those of you who don’t find machinery as attractive.

Still, this is on my wish list.

Almost there, after just a few hours.

And then, like magic, ready for use.

The boy made cookies while all this was going on, and mom just had to have her buttermilk with a cookie or two.

She even gave a couple to Wade while we were between loads.

A view to the road, after, and a good image of just why we chose this over pavers for now.

That would have been a lot of damn pavers.

Now if we could just convince the UPS guy that he can, in fact, drive on the driveway without circling off into the dirt, where we will be putting down grass and landscaping.