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There is a rather annoying commercial I’ve been seeing for some company that promises to scan your computer and zap all the stuff that slows down a system, fix malware, and other assorted things. The ad begins with a bunch of people whining about how slow their computers are, shows the typical error messages that pop up on Windows systems, and in the middle, says the scan is only for PCs. Fair enough. Why, then, do they insist on showing people pounding away on Macs and gleefully reporting at the end of the ad how much faster their systems are? I’m sure only people like me notice these things, but it’s rather amusing to think of someone who does indeed have a Mac thinking that this might be just the thing for them (even though it isn’t) because some of the people in the ad are shown using machines just like theirs.

2 thoughts on “Details, details”

  1. Ah, see, I completely missed the subliminal part of it all! Silly me. That Steve Jobs is a tricky one.

    I think all these infomercial people are from the same casting pool, though: so terribly inept that it’s a wonder they don’t kill themselves with a straw or something at a point in any given day. One of the downfalls of not sleeping so much is that even with a bazillion channels available, there really isn’t anything on in the wee hours, so I get to enjoy watching just how simple xyz gadget will make chopping onions or boiling spaghetti (is it really so hard to do this that you need a special plastic tube?) and seeing the disaster that’s just waiting to happen if one does not use those handy gadgets.

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