The Challenge: Day Four

Some of us went struggling into day four, still bound by gastro demons and heaves that seemed like they would never end. I spent most of the day dozing off and on and working when I could. As I’d eaten nothing much the day before and nothing at all this day, I wasn’t feeling particularly up to life. Still, life does march on.

With some compazine and dramamine in me, and the pain beginning to fade, I got a little bit of soup down the hatch. I still wasn’t feeling at all well, but wanted to make sure that others were eating. As it happened, my mom had taken matters into her own hands and fixed a plate.

More fruit, salad, cheese, and roast beef, with freshly ground black pepper over it.

Total cost: 2.07
total cost per diner (1): 2.07

And me? About half a cup of soup and an equal part of water. It was not a shining example of how to eat in a day. But by the end of the evening, things were looking up and I was feeling (almost) human once again.

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